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From Nasal Masks, to Nasal Pillow Systems, to Full Face Masks, has the CPAP mask that is right for you. offers a large selection of masks from the leading manufacturers in the sleep industry, including ResMed, Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel.


Activa Nasal Mask - (60100, 60101, 60102) - If you move a lot when you sleep and experience mask leaks as a result, try the Mirage ActivaTM nasal mask. The Mirage Activa uses ActiveCellTM Technology to automatically adapt to the changing positions of active sleepers. It allows the mask frame to move independently of the cushion, which helps the cushion stay in place and maintain a seal during active sleep.
Activa LT Nasal Mask - (60182, 60148, 60149, 60150) - Designed to accommodate every patient and ensure a comfortable, hassle-free night, the Mirage Activa™ LT nasal mask is the only mask you'll ever need: Compact ActiveCell™ technology that automatically seals for quick fitting and accommodates for movement and therapy pressure changes. It is amazingly light, quiet and diffused. New small size fits wider range of users.
Comfort Classic Nasal Mask - (1007963, 1007964) - The ComfortClassic Nasal Mask raises the standard of comfort and convenience to deliver the right fit. From its new two-position gel spacer to its reshaped membrane-thin silicone cushion and all-new "silent" exhalation port, it's more than a mask you can live with - it's where comfort lives. The ComfortClassic, like all masks in the Comfort Series, is latex free.
Comfort Fusion Nasal Mask - (1040769, 1040770) - The ComfortFusion mask combines our years of mask design experience with our understanding of your patients' needs - and your business. It meets those needs with the features you want most, including a reliable seal, an easy fit and a replaceable cushion. And our new FitPack comes with both a small and a medium cushion, enabling you to fit 90% of your patients right away - offering the value that you're always looking for.
Comfort Gel Nasal Mask - (1009040, 100941, 1009042, 1009043) - The ComfortGel Nasal Mask makes it easier to fit patients right the first time – even hard-to-fit patients. At its core is an exceptional cushion that combines the customizable blue gel originally seen in the Respironics Profile™ Lite with a proven dual-layer cushion design found in other Comfort Series masks. This combination gives you the comfort, fit, stability and seal characteristics you've come to expect from Comfort Series masks. This superior cushion is paired with the StabilitySelector™ that tilts the mask to allow for an optimal seal. The forehead support and pad automatically adjust to ensure proper forehead placement and angle. Combining the StabilitySelectorTM and the dual-material cushion with a "silent" exhalation port and ball-and-socket headgear attachments adds up to a superior mask that can help your patients stick to their therapy.
Comfort Select Nasal Mask - (1007930, 1007919) - The ComfortSelect Nasal Mask delivers the kind of secure, personalized fit that most of us demand. Its dual-layer cushion design and StabilitySelectorTM help deliver a comfortable fit and guard against mask leaks. It's one more example of how the Comfort Series of Masks helps fit 100% of patients 100% of the time. The ComfortSelect, like all masks in the Comfort Series, is latex free.
Easy Life Nasal Mask - (1050001, 1050002, 1050003, 1050004) - Helping you to fit 100% of your patients 100% of the time has been our mission for years. Now, we may have just made that possible with a single, revolutionary nasal mask. Thanks to a highly innovative design and our patented Auto Seal technology, EasyLife helps you efficiently, confidently, and comfortably fit a range of faces as broad as your patient base. What could be better? EasyLife is also easy to live with thanks to its ease of use, extreme comfort, feather-light weight, quiet operation, and premium seal.
Flexifit Nasal Mask - (HC405, HC406, HC407) - The FlexiFit™ 405 Nasal Mask offers an over-the-nose mask solution that fits better, feels lighter and is easier to use. When you study the FlexiFit™ series you can immediately see why these nasal masks are so comfortable and user-friendly. With FlexiFit™ Technology and our unique Glider™ Strap the FlexiFit™ 405 Nasal Mask comes as an Out-of-Box solution fully assembled and ready for use.

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