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CPAP/Bilevel Comfort Essentials

We offer products to help make your CPAP/Bilevel usage more efficient and more comfortable.

RemZzzs™ disposable CPAP Mask Liners work for both Nasal Masks and Full Face Masks. They provide extra comfort between the patient's face and mask. They are packaged in boxes of 30 which allow patients to use a new liner each day. RemZzzs™ also improve the seal between the face and mask, preventing air loss. Please watch our video on RemZzzs™.

Sequal Sleep Comfort Care Pads are reusable and can also be used for Nasal Masks and Full Face Masks. It is recommended the patients replace the Sequal Pads every 30 days. When ordered, your receive one gel pad, which you wash after each use with mild soap and rinse with warm water. Then, sanitize with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Sequal Pads protect the bridge of your nose from soreness and irritations. They also help prevent air leaking from the mask. Sequal Pads are hypoallergenic, and silicone and latex free.

Tube Wrap is composed of very soft fleece material that slides over your CPAP tubing and provides a number of benefits. When using a heated humidifier, the Tube Wrap insulates the hose from the room-temperatured air and reduces the amount of condensation within your tubing, and helps to prevent "rainout". The Tube Wrap softens the contact between the skin and the tubing that may occur as you move throughout the night. It also decreases noise when coming into contact with hard furniture edges such as tabletops or bed frames.

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