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CPAP/Bilevel Supplies

CPAP Masks

There are CPAP masks and equipment to fit every need and preference. The most common type of CPAP mask is the nasal mask. There are more shapes and sizes of these masks than of any other style. The nasal pillows are the smallest masks on the market right now and are very popular, but they are not for everyone. The full face mask is the mask that covers the mouth and the nose. Some people feel more comfortable wearing this mask because they don't have to worry about keeping the mouth closed using the full face mask. There are other masks on the market that fill the gaps between the types on masks we just listed. You may need to try several masks before you find the one that is right for you.

Proper cleaning of the mask and new replacement parts will help ensure you have a good fit with your mask. Clean the mask with warm water and a gentle soap, and let air dry. You don't want to use antibacterial soap because it will break down the silicone.

CPAP Mask Accessories

Filters CPAP/Bilevel filters are critical components in keeping a CPAP machine running longer and more efficiently. A CPAP filter captures a wide assortment of dust, pollen and contaminated air particles. These particles, if not captured by effective CPAP/Bilevel filters, will accumulate inside the machine and eventually work their way to the airway of the user. It is of the utmost importance that the air pumped by these machines is clean, providing the user with effective treatment of sleep apnea. Most insurance companies allow patients to receive 2 disposable filters per month, or one reusable filter every 6 months.

Mask Cushions - CPAP Mask Cushions are used some nasal masks and some full face masks. Cushions elongate the useful life of a CPAP mask. They are available for both nasal and full face masks and are allowed monthly by most insurance companies.

Nasal Pillows Nasal pillows should be replaced often. They come in pairs and work in conjunction with nasal pillow mask systems. Most insurance companies allow 2 pair of pillows per month.

CPAP/Bilevel Tubing - When you have heat and moisture, you have bacteria! If you have bacteria, you need to disinfect your hose and keep it clean on a regular basis...or you need to change it regularly...simply because it harbors bacteria! Medicare allows patients to receive a new tube every 3 months. Some private insurance companies allow their clients to receive a tube monthly.

Chin Straps and Headgear These CPAP/Bilevel supplies wear out and need to be replaced like all other supplies. Most insurance companies allow patients to replace these every six months.

Machine Humidifiers

Most CPAP machines come with heated humidifiers. Using the heated humidifier will help alleviate dry mouth, nasal dryness, and sore throats. Passover humidifiers offer cool humidity. A humidifier can help to make your CPAP/Bilevel usage a more comfortable experience, allowing you to sleep better and enjoy a restful, healthy night's sleep.

Water Chamber When using a heated humidifier with your CPAP/Bilevel machine, the chamber eventually wears out, or starts to leak, and needs to be replaced. Most insurance companies allow patients to replace the water chamber every 6 months.

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